Born years ago
Older I am growing
Some day I will die


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How can you talk to people about God
When you don't hear His voice in the cicadas' singing?
How can you immerse yourself in ongoing prayer
When the melody of crickets doesn't bring you in katanyxis?... more »

The Sun Melts The Snow (Tanka)

The sun melts the snow

revealing the barren earth... more »

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Comments about Kostas Lagos

Mahtab Bangalee 04 Oct 04:03
To the friend and poet Kostas Let's dedicate limerick verse Poetic writings Wit and wisdom's king Poet inscribes misty joyous! (Dedicated To Poet Kostas Lagos)
M Asim Nehal 16 Jul 04:03
Kostas Lagos, is one of the very few poets on this site who write intriguing poems. His poems are simple yet full of wisdom. I wish him very best and hope he will keep writing such enlightening poems.
Prabir Gayen 28 May 01:51
Kostas Lagos....a good and kind dear friend.. God bless you .//