• Chris

    Yo chris, I wish you could stay
    to feel the sunny day.
    I know life was bad during the past.
    If you had stay much longer... more »

  • Love

    Everytime I turn around
    I find my heart in pieces on the ground
    Is it that you don't love me anymore
    or another chick is at your door... more »

  • Love In A Chain

    Everyday of my life
    I wonder, is it love or is it lost.
    You used to care
    until another girl interfered.... more »

  • Myboobear

    when I first saw you I new you was the one
    love at first sight
    Is what I call you
    Damn you so fine... more »

  • On My Way

    heaven is a place
    where my grandpa lives
    I know he's praying everyday
    for god to keep me save... more »

  • Simple It Could Be

    Simple it could be
    But you rather make it hard
    loving you is like a battle
    And we both end up with scars... more »

  • Who Is She?

    yeah, who is she
    Is she kporseh, loporseh, or Keke
    Boy stop playing game
    And tell me the real thing... more »