KP Kral Pasuri 05,03,1982

Kral Pasûrî - King Pasuri (Ozan Deniz Saritop)
is a Kurdish poet.
He was born in Kulp (Pasur) district of Diyarbakir on 05 March 1982. He started his school life in Kulp (Pasur) . After completing his high school education in 1998, he moved to Istanbul.

With his understanding of thoughts and ideas, in his poems he has designed a universal language which is above the traditional life standards.

His poems are sometimes a lullaby of a baby, sometimes a mother’s cry who misses her son or daughter so much and sometimes an incredible story of the heroes resisting oppression.

Dealing with all the aspects of life with all its distortion, the poet explains the line between life and death in detail.


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