• Before You Leave

    Before you leave
    don’t forget your heart
    But I'll keep your soul
    Take your mind... more »

  • It Will Get To You

    Lie there think of it let it worry you
    Face to face let yourself believe you don’t care
    And you know you cant let it go
    Tell people you don’t care... more »

  • It Will Hurt You

    Your weakness is what hurts you
    Your irrational sense of reality is what hurts you
    Hate her hate him Wish he was dead is what hurts you... more »

  • Nothing

    You see him but he’s just the one
    The one you will use twist and tour tore
    Until you’ve used every breath kiss and whisper
    Till he has nothing left to give you... more »

  • Scream

    Sit here watch you scream inside your head
    And know that your hurting inside
    Do you feel it cause I see it
    I've felt it you caused it... more »

  • Still There

    When we stop and look about us
    What do you think we see
    The devastation that others inflict against others
    The pain we cause to our selves to our families... more »