• Back Pocket

    I broke down tonight,
    And every tear I held back from you,
    Was let loose and flowed free,
    They had built up for so long,... more »

  • Beautiful

    Your eyes intrigue me
    As your lips entrance me
    And though I've tried so hard
    I cannot turn away from the face... more »

  • Definition Of A Poet

    The title of poet,
    Now generally brings a chuckle,
    Suppressed or no.
    It conjures up an image in the mind,... more »

  • Fading From Forever

    I thought I knew what I needed,
    I thought I figured out what I wanted,
    But I was more than wrong,
    For I lost her, the one I love,... more »

  • Faltering With Arrogence

    Let it be known
    Scream it to all the world
    I finally see my true flaw
    When I possess something, anything... more »

  • Fast Dance

    Last night is but a memory,
    But still I can feel your hands, your fingertips,
    Wrapping around my waist,
    Resting gently on hips.... more »

  • First Kiss

    I don't think you know
    Quite how long I've hoped
    Wished and waited for
    That one simple kiss... more »

  • Four Years Fading

    Four years past
    Friendships gained
    Friendships faded
    Four years past... more »

  • Give It All Up

    Darling if you trust me
    You'll take my hand
    And let me show you how it is
    To truly feel... more »

  • Letter From A Fallen Angel

    Gently now, these wings of mine are broken,
    I stumble until I fall to my knees,
    It’s been long since e’vn demons have spoken,
    I beg of you, help me stop this pain, please,... more »

  • Love Is

    I ask you now,
    What is love?
    Can you name it?
    Can you describe it?... more »

  • Mistakes

    Complications fill me to the brim,
    Give me answers,
    A saving grace would do me well,... more »

  • Quotations Of A Broken Heart

    As I watch you walk away from me,
    My heart aches for what was and might have been,
    But I’m so stubborn,
    I could never show you who I truly am,... more »

  • She Left Him Empty

    Her hair
    She twilrled it around her fingers
    Her hands
    So tiny, so small, engulfed in his... more »

  • Speechless

    Words don't come too easily
    They never have
    Yet now I find
    That the days I'm with you... more »