Ive been writing poems all my life, but i recently went to publish them on this website, this website has shown me a lot and I've been writing on here for about 2 years now. Everyday i learn something new by searching what my soul really wants. Anything that i write is 100% authentic in so many ways. I'm blessed that i can express my inner deeper thoughts and hopefully over the years, my thoughts will expand, my mind will be open, and i will be done searching for my own true self.


Kristen Evans Poems

Sick And Tired

Im falling faster and growing old,
Im shivering at your presence,
and I don't believe anything I am told,
and the reminiscence of you,... more »


Im so crushed that you left me this way,
its like you left me with nothing to say,
what is it that you want for me,
im not going to feel sorry,... more »

Cherish Someone With All Your Heart

Everything you do is so beautiful to me,
like how you taught me to love me for me,
like that gentle smile i could always run to when i myself was going through hell.
All the beautiful secrets that i will never tell,... more »

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