• A Day In The Night/Daylight In The Night

    Sunny days are what remind me of you
    And how much i love you
    Our love is true... more »

  • A Lovers Story Of Lost

    Sun shines through my life like a flashlight through the dark
    I seen you standing in the moon light night
    It was so perfect and felt so right
    There you were beneath the moon... more »

  • A Poem I Can'T Talk About

    I see you you're almost perfect
    almost, but your not there yet
    you'll never be there
    with your wide mouth grin... more »

  • Alone

    You get to your class
    and you sit down at the back
    all by yourself... more »

  • Birthday Boy

    Today is your day to shine
    It's your birthday
    Yet another year older
    Hopefully you're more wiser... more »

  • Caves

    The darkness in my house
    reminds me of cold wet caves
    how dangerously awful it must be
    to inhale all that smoke and dust and ash... more »

  • Confused

    I dont know why but I'm sure I've changed
    I dont know why
    And I cant help it
    I want to... more »

  • Deserted Island

    This island is deserted
    It is very hot
    like the desert
    with tons of sand... more »

  • Heat Wave

    Outside again the hot wind blowing through my skin
    The sun on my face
    Beating down
    Hot and heavy... more »

  • Hello?

    Is anyone listening to me
    I feel like everyones backs are turned
    nobody will answer... more »

  • Hurt No More

    Hurt no more that is all I ask
    In so much pain will this ever pass.
    Fading away until it is over
    Wanting a helping hand to make this stop... more »

  • If Only I Could Be With You

    The wheels spin
    They won't stop
    They spin for hours on end...there is no end
    When will this trip stop... more »

  • Just To Move On

    I know you left me but still
    My heart bleeds for you
    I yearn for you
    I still love you... more »

  • Leaving

    I want to go but
    I dont want to leave you
    Feeling bad inside and out
    I hope you're not mad... more »

  • Lovely

    I love you so much more then I
    can put on this paper
    our love is a rollar coaster ride
    with its ups and downs... more »

  • Mirrors

    Mirrors all you see is reflexions
    how do you know that what you see is real
    all i see when i look into a mirrior
    is everything appears backwards... more »

  • Miserable

    It's miserable
    and the funny thing is
    It matches how I feel
    and as the power go's out... more »

  • Moving On

    I can't seem to grasp the understanding of it all
    It seems that everytime i turn around
    Another person leaves me
    Feeling lonely... more »

  • Powerful Writings Inside

    it is a word that we can relate to
    there are many powerful things... more »

  • Rays Of Life

    You make my heart glow
    I can see through the night
    you're like my flashlight
    through this breath taking night... more »

  • Secret

    I have a secret
    I know I never keep anything from you
    But I couldnt help this... more »

  • Starting New

    Please dont leave me my love
    It would be too painful
    For me but also for you.... more »

  • That's Living

    Maybe you're just bored with me
    why dont you want me there
    maybe it's because we moved on
    i feel like the train has left... more »

  • The Pain

    I feel like jumping out of my skin
    i feel like your mad... more »

  • The Price Of Living

    The trouble is
    not finding your voice... more »