• Because Of You

    laugh, cry, scream, cus
    i all do because of you
    you make me laugh
    you make me cry but... more »

  • I'Ll Never Be Perfect

    i will never be perfect
    i will never be cool
    i will always be nothing unless im with you
    you make me perfect oh yes that is true... more »

  • Liers Never Love

    a lie,
    it can spreed faster than you can run,
    a lie,
    destroys any and everything in its way,... more »

  • Lil Sister

    i have a little sister and
    she is the world to me
    no matter the day i've had
    she makes me laugh insted of weep
    my little sister does not know... more »

  • Little Brother And Me

    little brother and me
    we love to be seen
    little brother and me
    have never been seen... more »

  • Love Nor Hate

    where do we look to see the one that we love?
    where do we look to see the one that we hate?
    where would you look if someone was to love you?
    where would you look if someone was to hate you?... more »

  • Star

    look up at the stars what do you see?
    do you see a plane old star or do you see something new?
    look at all the formations of them no two are the same
    do you ever wounder what it would be like if you could just reach out and grab one with your hand.... more »

  • Velcrow

    i have always been my grandmothers velcrow
    if one of us is away the others itching to stay
    my grandmother and i are like glue we are stuck
    i'm a velcrow and my grandmother is a velcrow to... more »

  • Wounder

    ... more »