• A Few Questions

    Do you ever watch that soft glow?
    ...The one that is placed on your face?
    Its comforting with every tone
    Much more amazing than its pace.... more »

  • Gorgeous

    You are just so gorgeous
    How you walk while the heavens sing
    An unconditional devotion so given and free... more »

  • Sunset Moment

    When the day seems done
    The cool breeze lets the sunset
    And the sand is so warm and soft
    We sit side-by-side... more »

  • This Painting

    I glanced at you today
    With every intrest in mind
    But all I saw was me
    Standing next to time... more »

  • Writing To...

    He writes with thoughts and memories
    Much like the ones of you
    Desires to be near and close to
    Every part thats true... more »