• Again

    I creep around you
    trying to make
    my footfalls silent
    I cradle my heart... more »

  • Be Still

    Be still, my love
    Let me help you carry your burden
    Just lay here with me
    put your heart next to mine... more »

  • Beloved

    Beloved, your lips
    come to me
    sweet as honeysuckle
    I am intoxicated by the scent... more »

  • Blink

    Things happen so quickly
    One second can change
    your world
    one breath can alter... more »

  • Brave

    Be Brave
    Rise and face my fears
    with eyes flashing
    and heart beat... more »

  • Breathe

    Fingertips brush slowly over bare skin
    kissed by sunlight.
    A shadow of a touch from yesterday
    carried by the wind to me.... more »

  • Changed?

    I miss you
    but I can't tell
    if I miss who you are
    or if I miss who... more »

  • Come Back

    Something is missing
    My mind searches for
    the absent piece
    My soul reaches but... more »

  • Demons

    I keep them locked inside of my mind
    but they are always there
    pushing at the walls of my conciousness
    looking for small holes... more »

  • Disappear

    Tonight I'm drowning
    in memories of you
    They swirl around me
    they fill the air... more »

  • Do You Miss Me?

    Do you miss me?
    Do you feel my
    abscence from your life
    a tangible thing... more »

  • Drained

    Empty, that is how I feel
    Drained of all emotions
    Hollow on the inside
    One conversation... more »

  • Empty

    Please let me
    feel like that... more »

  • Feel

    I want to make you feel
    I want the wave of
    emotions to crush you
    I want to see you cry... more »

  • Fly Away

    I wish I could fly
    far away from this place
    that is so filled with
    you and I... more »

  • Happy

    I have realized that
    I do not need you
    to be happy
    I can be happy... more »

  • Harbor

    My heart searches for
    safe harbor
    It has been torn from
    the shores it was... more »

  • Hard To Breathe

    In moments like this
    when my mind is quiet
    and the world around me
    seems to be moving... more »

  • Heaviness

    There is a haze that surrounds me
    a fog that blurs my vision
    and mutes my senses
    it clings to me... more »

  • How?

    How do you let go
    of the person that
    you know you are
    meant for?... more »

  • Know

    They say to write what you know
    all I know right now is pain
    A bunch of jumbled facts
    about sad things... more »

  • Liar

    I remember when
    you said I love you
    That you were mine
    That we were forever... more »

  • Love As A Tree

    The ground is hard underfoot
    My roots stretch deep within it
    Steadfast, weaving a complex knot
    in the soil of your heart.... more »

  • Loyal

    Loyal to the end
    tethered by a bond
    so thick
    it wraps itself... more »

  • Memory

    Your hand in mine
    I see the creases in your skin
    feel the smooth edges of your nails
    Inhale the scent that is you.... more »