• Different

    Stab the heart that holds the desire.
    Cover it with gas and set it on fire.
    When it starts to burn, and you begin to choke.
    Take one last breath and go up in smoke.... more »

  • I Would Really

    i'll loosen the connection
    to follow in the right direction
    i'll need no correction...
    i'll do it to perfection... more »

  • Just Random

    Drinking is repulsive
    Drinking is bad
    Drinking can be compulsive
    Drinking makes me mad... more »

  • Promise

    I'll promise you even if
    you don't promise me.

    we could go on like this forever... more »

  • Something Is Not The Same

    It's just your average friday night.
    everything is going just right.
    a little visit here, a little visit there.
    lots of laughs, lots of memories to share.... more »

  • We Can

    we can talk til the world ends
    we can bend it like beckham bends
    we can lie and say we are friends
    we can read all the emails he sends... more »