• ...

    You was always there..
    You never left my side..
    You kept me close when i was sad..
    Cover me with your heart even though..... more »

  • Everytime

    Everytime i talk to you.
    you make my heart skip a beat.

    Everytime i talk about you... more »

  • Guilt

    ... more »

  • I Hate The Way

    I hate my mom
    i hate the way she doesn't call
    i hate the way he act like i'm not here child
    At least my dad is there for me.... more »

  • I Thought Wrong

    I trusted you
    I thought you cared
    I thought You were here for me
    But I guess i was wrong... more »

  • I Want You

    I see myself in clouds i wonder if they ee me to.
    Wondering why everytime i see a guy... more »

  • I'M Incomplete

    Why does this feeling hurt so bad
    I wish i could just flip over and see... more »

  • I'M Miunderstood

    Im tired of people mistreating me.
    Trying to get my point across and they won't listen.... more »

  • I'M Wishing

    I'm wishing i was here
    I'm wishing I was there
    I'm wishing you was near
    I'm wishing you was here... more »

  • In Me Head

    I promise to be there when your lonely.
    I promise to be there when your crying
    I promise thing everyday that dont work out how they need to
    I promise i promise thats all i hear you want to here more but my feelings is fear.... more »

  • Life

    Life is like a crime.
    A box with bare to keep you in... more »

  • Love

    Discovering...I pull myself into her eyes
    Beyond my reflection I bathe in a tempest of thought
    Like a modern day Columbus I set sail in epic journey
    On the seas of her mind I am tossed like a cork... more »

  • Loving You

    Loving you is wonderful
    Loving you is waiting under the stars for you
    Loving your personalitiy is talking to you everynite
    Loving you is understanding you.... more »

  • Me And You

    I love you
    I cherrih you
    I love to ee you smile
    I just wish that you liked me a much as i like you... more »

  • See The Difference In Me

    I stare into space to wonder what will happen?
    under the hed of gods tears,... more »

  • Special! 3

    you have a place in my heart.
    someone never forgotten.
    someone strong and beautiful.
    live on, and love. never look back.... more »

  • Teenager

    I wake up every morning thinking about what peronality
    im going to use today.... more »

  • This Is Me

    Why does my life seem to go around in circles.
    It seems everytime i lied in came around and kicked me right in my butt.
    Why does all the things in life make a big difficult lie.
    Lies is surround in my head to say them again.... more »

  • Until

    I see this girl she is all alone
    She loves her lindsey an her chey
    we are all bestfriends always and forever nothing
    will come between us never.... more »

  • You And I

    You are friendly. kind and caring
    senitive, loyal and uderstand
    Humorou, fun, ecure and true
    Alwayz there..... yes that' you.... more »

  • Your In My Head An It Wont Get Out

    Love is a special thing that it come from
    your heart like will last forever Love will last until the end.
    Why do your feeling never stop... more »

  • Your Right To Me

    My dad is right to me he always cares.
    I love to see him smile.... more »