Kristin Loves You Biography

Fact: I adore being called love.I'm really quiet, don't speak unless spoken to.I spend most of my time on the computer or on the phone.I live breathe and eat music.I have fun, sensible, and responsible fun.Not really.Most of the things I call fun are really dangerous and sometimes illegal.I'm bisexual.get over it.=] i probably read more than you can imagine. i write more than i should. in my room on the back of my door there is a shitload of poems and random thoughts. i think too much, much like other teens. I'm different, i always have been and always will be. I've learned to accept that about myself. Myspace isn't my life. neither is this. i don't sit on the computer for days at a time like i used to. i sit in my room listen to music and read or write. i can't read unless there's a lot of music or noise. something has to block out the thoughts in my head long enough for me to put more in right? =] i'm happy but depressed most of the time. idk. it's like a feeling of numbness i guess. mutual. i'm okay with life. i can't control myself most of the time. if i think of doing or saying something i do it whether i want to or not.