• 1

    spaciously spinning,
    spectacular grinning
    religously romanticized,
    your eyes... more »

  • 2

    acid soaked,
    electric smoke
    heavy air-
    enough to choke... more »

  • 3

    Slip inside my state of mind. which is what? what shall i find?
    Who are you and what am i?
    Are we here to live or die?
    Simplistic it seems, but only in your wildest dreams, will you find the answer floating on top of the breeze-... more »

  • 4

    smoother still
    another thrill
    enough to fill my thoughts until
    Im swept inside... more »

  • Comfort


    another cup of tea
    a pleasant sort of dream... more »

  • Consumed

    This thing that has grown,
    it is out of control
    it will swallow me whole
    if I can't let it go... more »

  • Emerging

    stillness of the morning
    whirring... more »

  • Everything Begins To Shine

    Take your time
    ...or if you want take a little of mine
    it feels alright
    when everything begins to shine... more »

  • Fill Me

    a simplistic
    observation... more »

  • Floating Down A Stream Of Conscious

    floating down a stream of conscious
    drifting past the old embrace
    wishing it could be so easy,
    knowing no one wins this race... more »

  • Gentle As A Tear

    escaped from my hands-
    broken like my words
    fell from my mouth-
    painful as a knife... more »

  • Highway Drive

    Where does this highway go?
    It's been miles since I've seen anything I know
    moving fast
    moving slow... more »

  • Lost

    The air is thick
    with fog and mist
    I feel your lips
    on my fingertips... more »

  • Panes Of Glass

    panes of glass-
    shattering fast
    splitting my ears,
    spilling like tears... more »

  • Professional People

    professional people with their
    portable picture phones
    patented, polished
    packaged- like... more »

  • Refresher

    spread thin-
    your little grin
    curls at the corners
    and glows from within... more »

  • Sinful

    I can feel
    the sweat on your skin
    we melt together slowly
    into oblivion... more »

  • Somehow Surviving

    Something told me
    I told you
    I wrote a song... more »

  • Sunset

    the sweetness of the sunset
    let it drip
    down your throat and warm you up... more »

  • Swirling

    some kind of spatial
    swooning... more »

  • The Storm That Strangles

    Driving me down,
    the rain starts to pound
    gathering round
    in pools on the ground... more »

  • The Way You Are

    spinning around
    I'm on the ground
    I get back up
    when I hear the sound... more »

  • Toxic Ecstasy

    Constantly on my mind
    when you touch me it feels so good
    wanting more every time
    aching when your lips touch mine... more »

  • Triad

    Measuring in terms of we
    you and me,
    and he makes three.
    Difficult obviously,... more »

  • Unfinished

    Im taking my time
    to consider this rhyme
    to perfect this design
    that has formed in my mind... more »