• A Long Time Ago

    A long time ago I was in love
    But then came fears
    I thought I could rise above
    Instead I found myself in tears... more »

  • Dream

    Still my heart beats faster
    Making pitter patters like a child running
    Rush of joy through my being... more »

  • Hard To Explain

    The way I feel is hard to explain
    My life isn't what it use to be
    But I find that I like to complain
    When I look at my life and see... more »

  • Impact

    As I sit here passing time
    Writing words that will never speak
    Words that fall apon deaf ears
    Time will pass... more »

  • Lesson In Gratitude

    Every day I would look at our house
    Falling apart I would always say
    Every day I would walk down a little dirt road
    The most perfect little house... more »

  • My Savior In A Little Blue Cap

    Story of a girl
    Doing drugs
    On the verge of running from home... more »

  • Poem For My Parents

    The sun does not dare enter
    Where once it filltered in
    A room which flourished with wild flowers
    Now stands dark and gloom... more »

  • Slipping Mind

    My throat swelling with discontent
    Air struggling to fill the lungs with yet another breath of hopelessness Paralized with the fear of what might take place
    Begging for the chains to be broken releasing the butterfly within the cacoon
    Screaming without being noticed... more »

  • Together

    Even though time passes
    We remain together
    Changes happen suddenly
    Or slowly over time... more »

  • Wedding Day

    I have often fantasized about this day
    Trying to imagine what I would be feeling
    Every time I felt the same
    I know I love you... more »