• After The Rain Downtown

    Moist compassionate encounters grant forgiveness
    For the omitted memories of long forgotten sins
    Soft ringlets in the puddles on the sidewalk
    Like momentary illusions of smiles from strangers... more »

  • Amsterdam At Night

    The red lights turn on when it's dark outside
    Clients searching for things they will never confide
    Standing on cobblestones looking up from the street
    Illuminated windows highlight goods indiscreet... more »

  • An Argument Forgotten

    Some memories need to be re-written to become clear
    Because they are newly projected as the events disappear
    Things that were said may not apply again in this time
    Although the words spoken linger like a committed crime... more »

  • Anticipation

    I feel drumming waterfalls invading my mind
    Thoughts of crashing floods are newly refined
    Answers precede questions never asked before
    While excitement lures behind every closed door... more »

  • Atonement

    Shadows are comforting companions quiet and gentle
    Reflecting on my actions nothing appears to be accidental
    Surrounded by darkness or a very dim light I am free
    Admitting to my true feelings I make you the trustee... more »

  • Before Dark

    Dusk right before dark is my favorite time of each day
    The dim light feels as if I am only in this world halfway
    Right then it is time for shadows taking over the light
    And colors fade slowly to shades of black and white... more »

  • Black Flag

    I dont understand why the sun is shining so bright
    You are not here and things are just not all right
    This morning I wished that it would rain all day
    It would have comforted me and my mood of decay... more »

  • Black Night In The City

    Darkness in the city is just an indistinct side effect
    Protecting what is scary in day light and wrecked
    Abandoned buildings become castles during the night
    Busy graffiti artists express what is usually out of sight... more »

  • Blood On The Moon

    When the sand on the beach turns to diamonds and glass
    Sparkling with sharp edges like a knife laying in the grass
    The sun has vanished and the moon showers a potent glow
    Then the world transformed and became an ancient chateau... more »

  • Breakthrough

    My heart held captured by snow storms
    Surrounded by icicles of different forms
    A world of silence and covered by snow
    Feelings of peace and serenity I can't let go... more »

  • Cape Town (In Winter)

    I am here, close to you but so far away
    The blue of the ocean mirrors in your eyes
    Your eyes the same temperature as the water
    As dark as the earth... more »

  • Caught

    Is it she who you see when you are dreaming
    Or are your words empty as you are scheming
    Your voice is monotone when you call her name
    Your smile does not reach your eyes as you claim... more »

  • Chemistry

    I am aware of your arrival
    Swallowing your presence from across the room
    The black shirt against your tan
    Your eyes searching, then stopping, resting, smiling... more »

  • Claude

    I have lost you to death my faithful friend
    You took my love with you and life is a bend
    During your last hour you came back alive
    But they said it was only because I arrived... more »

  • Coffee Cigarettes And Time

    The late afternoon invites leisurely
    to inactivity and rest The best time to sit back
    and be waited on like a guest At the corner
    coffee shop where the air is thick with smoke... more »

  • Colors I Remember

    The colors we see change when we are in love
    They may hide the truth or are all you can think of
    I wish that I could capture each color in a trap
    And when I feel bad I could use them as a map... more »

  • Cover Up

    I agreed to surrender all and speak of lasting peace
    But there is still blood on the sidewalks and disease
    I have gathered the children and dried their tears
    Although the line is busy to the army of volunteers... more »

  • Cut Flowers

    If you love me - please never bring me cut flowers
    Because I know that they will die soon after a few hours
    I would feel that whatever the flowers represent
    Would be equal to the time we have left to spend... more »

  • Day Sounds

    Silence in the city appears to be hard to find
    The sounds we hear are often raw and unkind
    There is noisy traffic that is violent and demanding
    And the cries of the engines are loudly expanding... more »

  • Dinner Thoughts

    In the kitchen all the pots and pans
    are steaming The roast is in the oven there is
    no time for dreaming Fresh vegetables are
    cleaned and potatoes peeled Salad is... more »

  • Downtown

    Architectural wonders built with lots of power and expertise
    Tower above a tamed river touching the clouds with ease
    Precise vertical constructions planned by structural engineers
    Impressive connotations that have to withstand many years... more »

  • Dream Interpreted

    There was a nice girl named January in my dream
    When fresh snow fell and ice drifted downstream
    After a few weeks her mother February came around
    She wore a heavy coat over a furry dressing gown... more »

  • Dream Of Peace

    Soft cotton balls in a room with no doors
    Peace for a thriving world without wars
    The Benedictine monks offer Gregorian Chants
    The absence of fear for tomorrows plans... more »

  • Driftwood

    Pieces of wood intertwined like the bodies of lovers
    Smooth edges ridges and curves for me to discover
    Entangled branches held together building a new form
    Intimate confrontations left behind by a great storm... more »

  • Drowning

    My smile has been declined
    The laughter in my world silenced
    I feel stone weights around my ankles
    And tomorrow seems like a year away... more »