• Lost In A Night

    During a dark night the streets come to life on their own
    Lurking danger is cradled by disciples reigning from a throne
    Sirens at midnight echo like the forlorn souls of sinners
    When survival is a gamble without disclosing any winners... more »

  • Love & Heat

    Heat has a strange affect on the human mind
    Sensations are felt strongly and often undefined
    It appears that temperatures are rising from within
    To match the sweltering heat outside like a twin... more »

  • Love Of Flavors

    Preferences vary the same as arrays of attractions
    Different flavors often cause interesting reactions
    People in general react to the same stimulations
    I in particular fall repeatedly for the same temptations... more »

  • Loving You Is Easy

    Warm feelings of contentment and familiarity
    Everything quite organized surfacing with clarity
    Smiles relinquished without rumor or suggestion
    The hand that's missing the ace of diamonds in question... more »

  • Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

    A tiny brown triangle on the finger tip
    Promises to explore distant lands on a trip
    Lying back slowly to relax and be easy
    Drinking clear fluids not to feel queasy... more »

  • Matchmaker

    Behind my house there is a quaint little pond
    And every time it rains a little green frog responds
    I know that he is lonely and cries into the night
    He is longing to find a mate to be complete and all right... more »

  • Missing You

    Missing you feels like hours spend in slow motion
    Desperate moments alone in the dark
    Watching the clock loosing seconds
    Quicksand layering the surface of my distraction... more »

  • Monday Morning

    As the sun comes up between the grey of the rain clouds
    Brighter than the streetlights along the industrial parks
    I travel slowly gaining foot by foot in the dense traffic
    As the buses, trucks and cars fight their way up the bridge... more »

  • Morgana Le Fay

    Many mystic stories about the Lady Morgana are told
    About her being a priestesses intelligent and very bold
    Ahead of her time she may've been the Merlin's student
    She had a child with her brother Arthur and was prudent... more »

  • Motherhood

    You - born with my blood
    On your body like a sacrifice
    I looked at you breathing, taking
    My air into your lungs as you... more »

  • Mourning (To My Mother)

    Flying above water in new time and space
    Memories remain and cannot be erased
    Waters ripple with soft winds approaching
    I bathe in despair and miss your coaching... more »

  • Mr. Wrong

    He sent me flying just with a single glance
    Meeting him I never stood a fighting chance
    I wanted to walk with him on unexplored trails
    Setting silence free behind translucent veils... more »

  • My Lies

    I love the way you call my name
    My whole being you seem to claim
    But I also know that my reality with you is untrue
    Right now in my life - you're just passing through... more »

  • My Mask Is One

    Every day I feel the power of life in my veins
    The life that causes my passions and pains
    At times I can barely stay still and rest
    All my emotions piled up and tightly compressed... more »

  • Night Time

    Distant vague voices waking me up when I sleep
    Lightening illuminates my heart diving deep
    The vibrations of life are my steady attendant
    While a hypnotist claims his share with a pendant... more »

  • November Clarity

    In a world surrounded by concrete walls painted in white
    Words spoken are barely whispered being calm and polite
    The executioner is the one you can see in the mirror
    Offering explanations without making the events any clearer... more »

  • Numb

    I am breathing but the air does not fill my lungs
    Minutes turn into days with ice on the tip of my tongue
    Thoughts of life bypass my heart and linger in the room
    I can't make sense of the noise invading like stale perfume... more »

  • Off Days

    On my off days I may need a little attention
    Just a smile may be o.k. that rids the tension
    Sometimes there are clouds that are really dark
    No matter what I say or do I just miss the mark... more »

  • Passions Ablaze

    Cascading waterfalls caress my body and skin
    Drops of water evaporate without trace within
    Slumbering heat surfaces slowly and burning
    Like a rumbling volcano an eruption it's yearning... more »

  • Poppies

    Spread out bright red silky fragile petals
    Folded together tightly like sheet metals
    Become masses of delicate flesh and blood
    Heat is rushing through veins like during a flood... more »

  • Pure Love (For My Friend Marie)

    Marie asked me to write something about pure love
    But it's difficult for me and not really even thought of
    So - pure love must be the opposite of love that's not pure
    Something that is not about lust but grown up and mature... more »

  • Rain

    Rain is electricity for my soul
    Like a light switch turning on my emotions
    The rain - soft, wet, warm embracing
    Water in the desert of my world... more »

  • Rainbow People

    The sign of the rainbow has been deliberated and set free
    It represents multiple cultures and people - you see
    I see the same colors as every other person on this planet
    So why not open your heart and mind and free it from granite... more »

  • Regret

    I still see your face appearing to me like a wave
    Senses are still tuned to the scent of your aftershave
    The white towel you have left behind in the shower
    Remains like a withered memory or a pressed flower... more »

  • Sadness

    Some days I am sad and I don't know why
    I can see an overcast in a brightly blue sky
    Sleeping in I still lack energy and motivation
    My whole life appears to be one stagnation... more »