• Best Friends

    A million roses cover the ground.
    It's a beautiful sight all around.
    A tear rolls from my eye.
    As today starts, I lose a life.... more »

  • Dream Girl

    Everyday I lay down and I dream the same dream.
    I dream of wedding bells and your diamond ring.
    I see me and my best men dressed as fuckin kings.
    I see you in your white dress with tears of happiness.... more »

  • Father Figure

    Look thru my eyes and tell me does this amaze you.
    It doesn't shock me but it's true.
    To know the one you call your daughter calls me daddy.
    I feed her and cloth her.... more »

  • Warning

    With time pasting quickly throw my hands.
    I try to survive life as a young black man.
    I wanna believe in god but he don't seem to believe in me.
    I know the world is filled with dreamers.... more »

  • You And I

    Stuck between a rock and a hard place.
    We battle with balance.
    Trying to balance life and love.
    Life can be so crazy it makes love difficult.... more »