• Another Day

    Hard times continue to get worst
    stresses from living, mulitple nerves burst
    blood leaks, as his fragile body lays
    fractured bones, intense physical plain, mentally dazed... more »

  • Endurance

    played the nice guy for too many years
    accepted too much bullshit, from too many peers
    out with the old, and in with the new
    who will survive, unfortunately, very few... more »

  • Peace In My Heart

    you must understand when i say
    beware of humans in search of prey
    of there own kind, must kill to get ahead
    the ones who don't see, end up dead... more »

  • She Moves

    Every start needs an end
    couldn't see this coming, when it all began
    blind to realize, as a matter of fact
    death is what keeps life intact... more »