• Drowning

    Standing on the shore
    That fearful sound
    As the waves come
    Crashing down... more »

  • Gasier

    Hate mixes with love
    And anger with pain
    Skin brushing skin... more »

  • Hand To Hold

    Scared to close my eyes
    For what I might dream
    But when I open them
    I want to scream... more »

  • Hide Away

    My mind drifts to a place
    My secret paradise
    Where I hide away from pain
    Hide away from life... more »

  • I Still Shall Shed No Tear

    Your remains on the floor
    Your blood smeared on the wall
    My emotions haven’t been mine
    Since she gave me a call... more »

  • Love

    Like a virgin, my love is pure
    Purely simple
    Purely true
    Purely beautiful... more »

  • Rain

    The scenes change around me
    Bright as day or dark as night
    Surrounded by people or alone
    But only the rain feels right... more »

  • The Pain

    The pain you inflicted
    I feel every night
    I dream of your face
    I hear your voice... more »

  • Underwater

    My lungs start to fill
    And my arms flail
    It all happens so slowly
    I feel myself fail... more »

  • Why Cant I Cry?

    I can smile at everyone
    Though its just a lie
    I can show jot and happiness
    So why cant I cry?... more »