• Augmented Reality

    Heartbreak and a computer
    She was there so near
    Motionless lips and dry thighs
    Altered beyond the attractions of the eyes... more »

  • Burden

    Bearing the burden of her greasy teen
    She walks nearer to the lovely shore
    Her mind weaving a satin nest of fantasy
    Uncertain and lost she gazes at shells, sand and its shinny core... more »

  • Darling Infinity

    Why do my lucid eyes survey
    You vastitude through the window of my mind?

    Why do every end seems so incomplete and futile... more »

  • Grapes In The Brain

    Her skill of potion making was par excellence
    Laces of her dress however were quite loose
    Cumbersome were her ways of persuasion
    And lonesome were the swings of her mood... more »

  • Ignorance

    A black zone with nobody to dwell
    Something sleeping, not quite well
    The bright sun of knowledge never rises there
    A shying support of lies always lurk somewhere... more »

  • Mashanka

    Upon the table of extreme exaggeration, Mashanka stands tall
    Shivering, biting the pink lips of her own
    Perhaps the circus of her tender age or a focus of her unique mind
    She senses love beyond the strengths of lovers of any best kind... more »

  • Natacha's Frog

    He jumps when I sit
    He sits when I jump
    He sings when I sleep
    He cries when I sing... more »

  • Parachute Yoga

    He attained nirvana
    With the sudden opening of his parachute
    Bright air rushed, heart unfold... more »

  • Termination (From The Movie 'Moonraker')

    There she comes worrying about her act
    Drax had called up as he knows it was mistake

    “You informed Bond! “ bellowed Drax... more »

  • The Bout

    “You ruined me! “– bellowed him
    She was on a sofa with a magazine in her hands
    Erected she her back with a surprise on her face
    He ran almost like a rat in jeans... more »

  • The Garbled Grasshopper

    Not here, may be there,
    I hoped, then hopped; still incorrect,
    In a hope... more »

  • The Lilly By An Airport

    Right below the supersonic boom of flying aircrafts
    Lies a motionless water lily,
    A steady, white, tranquil stability,
    Floating over the breathing pond of life... more »

  • The Lion Girl

    ... more »

  • The Topaz Of Tragedy

    The melancholy of mood is always a pain;
    Poverty, separation, humiliation and no gain.... more »

  • The Water Lilly

    ... more »

  • Water, Problem And Frustration

    A sink of magnanimous impurity
    So imprudent, vast, turbid dignity

    Inside the cocktail of water, problem and frustration... more »