• And We Kissed

    Thousands of people were passing by and
    the music of rain was flowing in the air,
    We didn't speak single word and
    we conversed in million ways... more »

  • For You

    I wrote for you a poem with thousands of peaceful words,
    I drew you with millions of invisible colours,
    I sang for you a song filled with immense silence,
    Oh my beloved,... more »

  • Für Dich

    ... more »

  • Immortal

    He knew the time had come to fulfil his dream,
    His heart started singing songs of the beloved,
    He thanked brothers for accompanying divine journey,
    Finally he kissed the noose with pride and love,... more »

  • The Way I Love

    Will love you not only with heart..
    O my beloved, the sole heart is full of emotion and the lone mind is full of logic
    Simply emotions blind the eyes and only logic makes one unkind..
    Will love you with the heart and with the mind concurrently... more »