• A Daughter's Pain

    Do you enjoy my pain?
    Do you enjoy ruining my life?
    Why do you hate me so much?... more »

  • A Lie?

    You said you love me
    That was a lie
    You said you care about me
    That was a lie... more »

  • America Of Hope

    Does my loving country help those who have no homes?
    Will there no more demise in our streets at night?
    Is our homes safe from dangerous thieves?
    Will there be love and laughter around schools?... more »

  • Angel Of Darkness

    The Angel sits and writes
    Writing out how she feels
    Tears stream down her face
    No one knows why... more »

  • Bruja

    I feel like I'm alone
    In this world
    I'm screaming
    But no one can hear me... more »

  • Cause Of Pain

    Cutting... more »

  • Cover It Up

    You cannot see me
    I am covered of lies
    You really think you know me
    But really you don't... more »

  • Drowning

    I hold my breath
    I count out the seconds
    I don't come up for air
    But my lungs scream for it... more »

  • Forest

    I heard the story of the forest
    I saw the moon with eyes of blue ice
    I saw the wolf as deep as the night
    I saw the sight of his frightening yellow eyes... more »

  • Ghost Whisperer

    *From the tv show from Jennifer Love Hewitt*

    Voices are clouding my head
    Voices arguing in my head... more »

  • Her Protector

    The moon was shining over a town
    It was pure quiet
    Until the moon heard a giggle in the park... more »

  • I Know Who I Am

    You can say I'm shy
    I don't care
    You can say I'm mean
    I don't care... more »

  • Into The Nighttime

    The coyote walks in the waterfall
    While I swam in the water
    Feeling calm and happy
    Swimming like a dolphin... more »

  • Jack Dawson

    And... more »

  • Krystal

    Krystal was the name I was given
    Krystal was the name I was born with
    And it will be that name that I will die with
    I don’t mind if people misspell it with a “C”... more »

  • Life Is Not A Fairytale

    My life is not a fairytale
    I hate that I'm weak
    I hate that my divorce parents fight all the time for stupid things:
    Money... more »

  • Living Life

    Laughter is music
    Happiness is the sun's warmth.
    Rebellion is overrated.
    Bliss is surreal.... more »

  • Moon

    Dim, light
    Shines, fades, reflects
    Romantic, ambitious, joy... more »

  • My Heart's Desire

    My heart is strong,
    my spirit is weak,
    it is an answer that I seek,
    the question burns within the fire,... more »

  • My Journal

    It's a book.
    Just pages and pages
    And more pages
    Of me. Of my life.... more »

  • My Mind Is You

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Within my heart is love
    Within my mind is you... more »

  • My Point Of View

    You complain all about the girls you meet
    Wishing one would make your heart beat
    You hope for a princess
    That is beautiful and intelligent and unqiue... more »

  • Nothing

    It's dark, no light
    She runs
    She had no love
    She was abused... more »

  • Photograph

    What is a photograph?
    It's an image frozen in time
    But yet, captured forever
    A photograph can capture things... more »

  • Rain

    The scent fills the air
    It beats a tattoo on the ground
    Creating its own beat and rhythm
    Renewing life... more »