Spent many a year travelling before settling down(ish)
Have raised loads of kids(mostly not my own)
Have a passion for the world.
I have written my autobiography but never published it, you may have it if you ask i will send the files........... :)

I am always trying to write better each day.


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Fit For A Princess

Imaginative dreams of fairy covered kisses
Awash with saccharine flavoured flowers
Wholesome piles of desiccated coconut
Covered in honey drizzled clusters of almond eyes,... more »

Earth Waltz

The moon,
Weaving its weary way upwards,
Through the remnants of empty storm clouds;
Greying now with age as their journey is at an end.... more »

Tissues And Issues

Tissues and issues

The look on your face could not disguise,... more »

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