• [ Horn Swag Land ]

    Beware all little greebles,
    as darkness draws nigh
    For the hornswags are watching,
    way up in the sky,... more »

  • Again


    You never allow anyone near you... more »

  • Arabella Fortunella

    Arabella fortunella was an artiste of some renown
    having played the finest theatres,
    usually without her gown
    But the years had not been kind to her... more »

  • Aunt Mary

    Mary was her name,
    plain, simple, uncomplicated,
    nothing too troublesome,
    if you needed a hand she was there.... more »

  • Bits Of Darkness

    [ bits and pieces ]

    Your eyes look quiet now,... more »

  • Careful What You Vote For.

    Joey did not like guns but he kept them for his right
    it was to be an awful time that late autumnal night
    the noises coming from down the stairs
    had awakened him with much raised hairs.... more »

  • Dream Catcher

    Silver sequined saphires
    dancing in tango with the wind
    Whilst lovers leave their legacy
    In the mist covered corners of the park... more »

  • Earth Waltz

    The moon,
    Weaving its weary way upwards,
    Through the remnants of empty storm clouds;
    Greying now with age as their journey is at an end.... more »

  • Eye Of God

    Feelings exposed as an open cast mine erupts within the once verdent valley of my soul,
    torn asunder by the cancerous claws of a liar.
    Black thoughts emenating from a once tranquil mindset,
    now content to live out the days in search of the opulent exquisite feeling of revenge.... more »

  • Fit For A Princess

    Imaginative dreams of fairy covered kisses
    Awash with saccharine flavoured flowers
    Wholesome piles of desiccated coconut
    Covered in honey drizzled clusters of almond eyes,... more »

  • How Are You? (Don'T Have A Pedomiter)

    My first expressive feelings falling foul of flagellation,
    as my life laid out before me to defy your explanation,
    wanton women willowy whisper, baseless men do follow
    Yet as I sit and watch confusingly my heart is feeling hollow.... more »

  • Kisses

    Remember the kisses we shared
    or the walks in the park,
    how we cared.
    They are long gone now,... more »

  • Morning Dew

    Above the bluebells faeries fly
    whilst down below the pixies cry
    in joy at all the things they weave
    with faery dust which abound to leave... more »

  • Mornings Awakening

    morning's awakening
    The first touch of the morning dew as it manifests itself on the open cup of the hollyhock gazing languidly toward the eastern sky,

    The breath of an angel as the warmth of the ground is enfolded within the shear brightness of a summers day,... more »

  • Mum

    Indolent artistry conforming with naught but oblivion,
    Eyes restless from the strain of watching constant dross portrayed as art,
    Hands, weary of shaking soulless corpses of lost compassion,
    Is it any wonder that the nights seem longer and the summers far shorter when all around is false protection brokered by the man with the money?... more »

  • New Love

    Older than time itself yet unexpectedly aroused

    Created from the perfect blueprint any man ever espoused.... more »

  • Not A Lot To Do?

    Moulded without form of texture,
    Acquiescent to the fact that life is short.... more »

  • Pretty Pictures

    Pretty pictures.... more »

  • Quote: - The Rainbows You Can See Are The Reflection Of My Tears,

    Remember how we talked all night,
    your folks had gone away,
    We rambled through the deep dark times,
    back to the light of day.... more »

  • Ramblings Of Disturbia

    Deciding if the time was right to disect just how I feel,
    I asked if I could have a chair perhaps, with just one wheel,
    to wobble uncontrollably round the corridors of power
    not for all eternity but maybe half an hour... more »

  • Sand Box

    Emergence from the valley of the shadow of death!
    No mean feat in this God forsaken place.
    Learning of many things inwardly forgotten.... more »

  • Sealed

    Sealed in fate

    The sweet saccharine smile of the syrup man,
    golden tinted bye the moonlight,... more »

  • Struggle

    I see you and it hurts;

    Struggling is a way of life without remorse.... more »

  • Take Me There

    How on earth can I describe,
    the sights that I have seen,
    while sitting in my warm safe house,
    no sign there of a dream.... more »

  • The Answer


    Even if we did?... more »