• A Heart Attack! ! !

    Every day in my diary, i write a thing or two about you,
    i don't see you anymore, still you somehow make it through,
    everything that happened is still so fresh in my mind,
    though it is painful, i can't leave these memories behind.... more »

  • A Love Story In Seven Days! ! !

    On the first day i saw her, i gave her a cute little smile,
    wondering whether she could stay with me for a while,
    my eyes seemed to follow her wherever she used to go,
    she was no more a stranger whom i saw few moments ago.... more »

  • A Million Kisses To You! ! !

    I trusted you with all my heart and handed it over to you,
    after you promised to fill it with love all the way through,
    you said i won't regret b'coz i have come to the right place,
    where i would find roses minus thorns in this lovely space.... more »

  • Always Give It A Try! ! !

    Today morning i saw an old man crawling on the ground,
    he had no legs, yet he wasn't seeking any help around,
    looking at me he smiled but i did not understand why,
    what i understood was, life is not as hard as it seems,... more »

  • Being Buried Beneath My Own Bricks! ! !

    Once a lovely monument of love was built in my little heart,
    your face was drawn on its walls to make it look like an art,
    every brick symbolized the deepest of love i had for you,
    even the heaven seemed subdued in front of my monuments view.... more »

  • Don'T Ask Why! ! !

    Every night when ever i look into the skies,
    only your face seems to appear on each star,
    though you live in every corner of my heart,
    i don't understand why do i feel you are far.... more »

  • Earth, Heaven Or In Hell.

    As the first ray of the sun, makes its presence felt through the dark skies,
    my heart just looks for one phrase, to describe the beauty i see in my eyes,
    even every word in dictionary, would not justify the beauty bestowed on her,
    she is the beauty personified which leaves an everlasting mark every where.... more »

  • Embrace In God's Love! ! !

    Everyday i stare at you standing at a very far off place,
    my day is not complete unless and until i see your face,
    although you have moved on, i am still holding to the past,
    these feelings i have for you, cannot be forgotten so fast.... more »

  • Forever Only My Love Will Stay! ! !

    If forgetting you was as easy as loving you, i would never cry,
    i would have moved on with my life and lived like a normal guy,
    there would be no more question marks hanging over my head, nor
    there would be this thought'Why am i alive, i wish i was dead.'... more »

  • Hide Behind This Casket! ! !

    Every morning a boy would run behind a girl and ask,
    i love you madam, can i see the face behind that mask,
    it has been a year or so, since I'm coming behind you,
    still i don't know what's in your mind going through.... more »

  • I Always Want You To Be My Mother! ! !

    When you gave me birth, you told me i did not even cry,
    all the doctors in the cabin were starting to wonder why,
    i did not cry because i was very happy you gave me birth
    and that god choose you to resurrect me from my death.... more »

  • I Will Stay Right Beside You! ! ! !

    Last night the heavens opened up and an angel came down,
    she had a magic wand and on her head there was a crown,
    walking on the bright lights with her wings spread out,
    she looked like a girl whom once i couldn't live without.... more »

  • I'M An Adopted Son Of Tears...

    The first tear that came from my eyes, is still my best friend,
    it consoles me whenever i feel like i have reached the end,
    it gives me company whenever i feel lonely in the night,
    once it comes out, like a feather my heart becomes light.... more »

  • I'M Still Living In Your Dreams! ! !

    Every night in my subconscious mind a dream is seen,
    life is taking me to a world where i have never been,
    a world full of angels, a world filled with many stars,
    a world of happiness and no one seem to have any scars.... more »

  • I'M Your Friend And Not A Foe! ! !

    Every night he steps out to gaze into the dark open skies,
    a tear or two is always trying to get free from his eyes,
    he thinks the heaven possesses an angel whom once he had,
    waiting for that angel every night, is making him very sad.... more »

  • In The Heaven Up Above! ! ! !

    Looking into the skies, i dropp a tear to the ground,
    i always hear a angelic voice, but i see no one around,
    everything seems to be in it's place in the dark sky,
    but i'm looking for a angel who left without a goodbye.... more »

  • Is Heaven The Only Place To Find True Love! ! !

    Last Year on this very day, your heart beat stopped,
    ur casket was lowered to the ground and was dropped,
    now you rest there peacefully with nothing to worry,
    sitting here i cry-why you left me in such a hurry.... more »

  • It Is My Judgment Day! ! !

    I can feel the light fading as my life is nearing its end,
    everyday my soul is being called by that heavenly friend,
    i can see the portal that lets the dead to walk through,
    my soul is ready but my heart isn't b'coz it is with you.... more »

  • Just Feel My Love

    Everything was just fine, like those stories written in the fairytale books,
    there was nothing to worry as i lived happily in a world the way it looks,
    every step was taken carelessly, as i did not have to think about tomorrow,
    all that mattered to me was, i lived today happily without an ounce of sorrow.... more »

  • Kiss Of A Tear! ! !

    Living in a world full of illusions, and staring reality at a distance,
    i want to end this life peacefully without giving pain another chance,
    the tears i cry may never end, be it whether i'm living around or dead,
    in the pages of history, my love will be a chapter that will go unread.... more »

  • Love Flame...

    Every time looking into their eyes, they wonder,
    what is keeping thier bonding still so strong,
    Time has thrown every test it possibly could,
    but nothing has made thier relationship go wrong.... more »

  • Love Is Full Of Pain Too! ! !

    Oh My Little Heart, Why are you crying so deep inside,
    why do you think her love is true, even after she lied,
    please get out of that grave and let me to live again,
    drowning in these tears of rain, is making me insane.... more »

  • Lovers Die But Love Never Dies! ! !

    Every day after his work, he carries a rose in his hand,
    tears rolling down from his eyes are pounding the sand,
    with shoulders sinking, he walks into a cemetery near by,
    the reality hasn't hit him yet, for he thinks it is all a lie.... more »

  • Miles And Miles Apart.

    Every morning i wake up, and i feel the world around me shrinking,
    There is no place to hide, as deeper into the sorrow i keep sinking,
    asking questions at a lifeless soul reflecting inside the mirror,
    all i see is a forgotten face and eyes filled with pain and terror.... more »

  • More Hearts To Be Won (Mother Teresa)

    She walked like an angel on this earth,
    bringing light into people seeing death,
    she had an answer for every broken heart,
    whether she was near or standing miles apart.... more »