• My Destiny Lies In Your Way! ! !

    Sitting beneath a river side tree, throwing stones in water,
    the ripples takes me back to a life i would like to alter,
    a life filled with some painful memories of love and hate,
    and how you went away telling-it's all written in our fate.... more »

  • My Greatest Gift And My Greatest Curse! ! !

    They call me a poet whose words can touch any human heart,
    no matter whether the person is near or staying miles apart,
    some say i'm blessed, thats why with the words i always play,
    and there is a sense of reality in all the feelings i portray.... more »

  • My Last Wish.

    In the corner of her room, you will find few beautiful picture frames,
    in one there is a girl and a boy with i love you written on their names,
    beautiful moments of life seems to rewind again and again on these walls,
    for they make her to smile through the difficult times when darkness falls.... more »

  • My Only Love! ! !

    Pointing at a distant star, i asked can you stay for a while,
    my angel is about to come and i want you to see her smile,
    Tell me what do you think and how do you feel about her,
    is there any star more beautiful than my angel out there.... more »

  • Never Want To Go Apart! ! !

    Yesterday never seemed so far,
    tommorrow always seemed so near,
    future always seemed to be ours,
    when you are sitting right here.... more »

  • No Heart Will Ever Love You Like I Do...

    As long as life calls me, i will be walking in this way,
    when my time comes, i will leave all behind and go away,
    but i wish i could change few things that i can't forget,
    one is our relationship that as remained as a big regret.... more »

  • No Longer A Stranger To Love! ! !

    Of all the beauties i have come across, you are the best,
    your smile, your eyes is what sets you apart from the rest,
    i can't get you out of my thoughts even while taking a nap,
    will you be mine forever and close all these intolerable gap.... more »

  • No Love Could Ever Replace! ! !

    Once in a while there comes an angel in our life,
    who touches our heart in each and every possible way,
    with her smile, she puts an end to our everyday strife,
    and goes away from us even before a word we could say.... more »

  • No More Tears To Cry! ! !

    Every second somewhere in this world, a heart is broken,
    somewhere a soul departs, with words of wisdom unspoken,
    Somewhere the thunders are silenced, with sounds of tears,
    somewhere every second is lived, with a feeling of years.... more »

  • No More...

    100's of days have gone by and i will let another 1000's of years to go,
    but i seriously doubt whether my heart will even for a second let you go,
    100's of steps you've taken forward and 1000's of steps i've taken back,
    for you wanted the future where as i still wanted to hold on pasts back.... more »

  • Once Upon A Time I Had Your Heart! ! !

    My heart has been added to the list of broken hearts,
    your love might end here but my love for u just starts,
    Someday, Somehow you'll realize what you had lost in me,
    when you do, i might have reached a place you can't see.... more »

  • Our Love Is Still True...

    I can hear my angel calling me from heaven every night,
    she is feeling lonely and she wants to hold me tight,
    she has gone to a place where only death can take me,
    but only time knows when to set this painful soul free.... more »

  • Peacefully We May Lie! ! !

    He lived deep within the woods, staying away from all,
    playing with animals, they were the only friends to call,
    some liked him, but as a stranger he remained to many,
    there were smiles all around, but he could not have any.... more »

  • Remote Control! ! !

    I stepped on many sharp thorns, but it never really pained,
    they all seemed like roses to me, as long as you remained,
    nothing hurts me ever since to you my heart was handed,
    now i don't even know where the broken pieces have landed.... more »

  • Seven Oceans Of Pain! ! !

    Swimming across the first ocean, i met my friend-tears,
    he has been living there all alone for now many years,
    he keeps count of all the little tears that i have shed,
    on every tear, her name is tagged and my future is read.... more »

  • The Cries Of My Baby.

    You had left behind a cute sweet little soul on your way into heavens,
    She is now blossoming into a beautiful rose like those in the gardens,
    In a world which did not give me anything other than assurance of pains,
    She has become a source of happiness, an oxygen on which my life sustains.... more »

  • The Dangerous Journey Of Love! ! !

    Love is a one way journey, in which it is easy to get in,
    every heart makes this journey, hoping someday they win,
    some hearts never stop and make this journey way to far,
    and realize their mistake, only when they end up with a scar.... more »

  • The Invisible Tears Dying In His Eye! ! !

    Everyday he wakes up and puts a fake smile on his sleeves,
    starting his bike, saying a bye to all to the office he leaves,
    there is never a dull moment when he is around, many seem to say,
    no one realizes the tears he hides to bring a smile in his way.... more »

  • What My Love Was All About! ! !

    Sitting alone in this dark room, confined within walls of pain,
    i try to recollect all those happiness hiding within my brain,
    although they are very few, it still puts a smile on my face,
    every tear signals the time has come to give up my place.... more »

  • With Broken Pieces I Realize! ! !

    Everynight a piece of my heart is broken and is sent back to me,
    my heart is still imprisoned in her and is not completely set free,
    Every piece coming back tells a tale of broken dreams and tears,
    when will i have my heart back-is it going to take hundred years? .... more »

  • You Might Find An Angel Too! ! !

    The sun has finally settled down, for the moon come and shine,
    i am just sitting at the table, admiring an angel of mine,
    the candles are lit and all the roses are kept in its place,
    they seem so beautiful, because in every rose i see her face.... more »

  • You'Ll Only Remain In My Prayer! ! !

    Oh my love, will you always be there whenever i call,
    catching hold of my hand whenever on ground i crawl,
    free this heart from the pain that has been mounting tall,
    by leading it to a world filled with love, care and all.... more »

  • Your Love Will Forever Live Again! ! !

    Whenever i'm left alone, a slow music just falls on my ears,
    i feel someone saying'Thats enough, now Please come up here',
    You had your share of sorrows, and its time to make you smile,
    just follow these lights shown to you and walk up the aisle.... more »