Every heart is a book in which hundreds of chapters are written from the time of birth to death.While many go unread, few chapters leave lasting impression of a person in someone's soul for after all we all are bonded by love and separated by love.

'When i think of the distance in miles, i feel you are staying pretty far apart...When i look into the skies and think, you and i live beneath the same sky, then you come more closer to my heart'...


Kumar Kumar Poems

Always Give It A Try! ! !

Today morning i saw an old man crawling on the ground,
he had no legs, yet he wasn't seeking any help around,
looking at me he smiled but i did not understand why,
what i understood was, life is not as hard as it seems,... more »

Kiss Of A Tear! ! !

Living in a world full of illusions, and staring reality at a distance,
i want to end this life peacefully without giving pain another chance,
the tears i cry may never end, be it whether i'm living around or dead,
in the pages of history, my love will be a chapter that will go unread.... more »

A Love Story In Seven Days! ! !

On the first day i saw her, i gave her a cute little smile,
wondering whether she could stay with me for a while,
my eyes seemed to follow her wherever she used to go,
she was no more a stranger whom i saw few moments ago.... more »

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Cecelia Warner 26 Apr 2007 04:48
Kumar Kumar, That was absolutely an awesome poem. You have a wonderful way with words. I can tell by your loving words that you are TRUE romantic at heart! God bless you. Sincerly, Cecelia