Kumar Vikram writes poems in English and Hindi. He was recently invited by Sahitya Akademi (the prestigious Indian National Academy of Letters) to read his poems at its headquarters in New Delhi. His poems are known for inverted statements, lateral thinking, continued questioning of his own self and the way the society impinges on it, dramatic situations and sympathy for the marginalised. He consciously tries to be post-colonial in spirit by transcending the post-colonial muse.

Brought up at Muzaffarpur, Bihar, where his father was professor in English at Langat Singh College from where Prof Sinha retired as its Principal, Kumar Vikram is presently working in the Editorial Department (English) of National Book Trust, India- a multi-lingual major publishing house. His publications include 'Short Essays' (collection of Essays) , 'T S Eliot: An Intensive Study of Selected Poems' (Co-author with Prof Arun Kumar Sinha) .


Kumar Vikram Poems

The Ragpickers

Blessed are those
who can carry on eloquently
about how a dog crosses a street
and how the cutlery looks graciously... more »

An Icecube

Moulded out of an element
through a chilling process
it dissolves
gets melted down... more »

The Middle Path

A cat jumped
through the half-opened kitchen window,
knocking down in the process,
the steel-plate covering the milk in the pot.... more »

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