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Asan is a timeless poet of unmatched creativity! I have translated some of his works into the English language. Two of them including Chindavishtayaya Sita and Veena Poovu are published works and are available through Amazon's networks, linked below for your convenience. https: //www.amazon.in/Books-Alex-Kandathil/s? rh=n%3A976389031%2Cp_27%3AAlex+Kandathil
This shlokam (stanza) is from the famous poem “Veena poovu” “ഹാ, പുഷ്പമേ, ..... ..... കിടപ്പിതോർത്താൽ ” We may translate it as follows “Oh, Dear Flower! You had been shining bright as a queen in your high lofty abode. There is no doubt, Riches and high abode are so temporary, so unstable! Now when I see you fallen on the ground, I wonder, where have the riches, the adorable position gone? ”
Guru kulakalam
Kumaranasan kavitha vanamalayile cheriyava enna kavitha
Vanamalayile cheriyava enna kvitha
Super poems
He is #355 poet on this site despite being without a single poem published here. He should have at least one poem translated into English. I request any Malayalam Poet on this site to do this favour in respect of the great poet.
“Maattuvil chattangale“
@ Fabrizio Frosini: an English version of those Malayalam lines of Kumaranasan: Oh flower! What a brilliance you had Like a queen atop that plant On earth, things are ephemeral for sure; Proves your lost glory and pitiful rest in the soil
a page.. but no poems..: ( I've found a few verse (see below) .. but I can't understand them.. hope someone could translate them.. or maybe, add at least a poem by him (English text, hopefully) “ ഹാ, പുഷ്പമേ, അധികതുംഗപദത്തിലെത്ര ശോഭിച്ചിരുന്നിതൊരു രാജ്ഞികണക്കയേ! നീ ശ്രീഭൂവിലസ്ഥിര-അസംശയം-ഇന്നു നിന്റെ- യാഭൂതിയെങ്ങു പുനരിങ്ങു കിടപ്പിതോർത്താൽ ”