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This shlokam (stanza) is from the famous poem “Veena poovu” “ഹാ, പുഷ്പമേ, ..... ..... കിടപ്പിതോർത്താൽ ” We may translate it as follows “Oh, Dear Flower! You had been shining bright as a queen in your high lofty abode. There is no doubt, Riches and high abode are so temporary, so unstable! Now when I see you fallen on the ground, I wonder, where have the riches, the adorable position gone? ”
Guru kulakalam
Kumaranasan kavitha vanamalayile cheriyava enna kavitha
Vanamalayile cheriyava enna kvitha
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He is #355 poet on this site despite being without a single poem published here. He should have at least one poem translated into English. I request any Malayalam Poet on this site to do this favour in respect of the great poet.
“Maattuvil chattangale“
@ Fabrizio Frosini: an English version of those Malayalam lines of Kumaranasan: Oh flower! What a brilliance you had Like a queen atop that plant On earth, things are ephemeral for sure; Proves your lost glory and pitiful rest in the soil
a page.. but no poems..: ( I've found a few verse (see below) .. but I can't understand them.. hope someone could translate them.. or maybe, add at least a poem by him (English text, hopefully) “ ഹാ, പുഷ്പമേ, അധികതുംഗപദത്തിലെത്ര ശോഭിച്ചിരുന്നിതൊരു രാജ്ഞികണക്കയേ! നീ ശ്രീഭൂവിലസ്ഥിര-അസംശയം-ഇന്നു നിന്റെ- യാഭൂതിയെങ്ങു പുനരിങ്ങു കിടപ്പിതോർത്താൽ ”
Revalutionary poet of Malayalam