Kumarmani Mahakul

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Thanks for your wonderful comments...and your poetry is beautiful as well. Keep penning dear poet! Many best wishes.
Kumaramani Mahakul , a great poet from India, has carved a niche in the international field of literature for his amazing poems suffused with spiritual and humanitarian thoughts. His poems are sublime , yet very powerful and uplifting. Even without advocating , he instils moral values for the society. As he has a background in teaching profession , his poems express love for the student community and respect for the teachers. Nature and objects of nature, sun, moon, earth, stars, birds, flowers, river and fountains are central themes that find astounding expression by his poetic touch. He inspires others with his deep insightful comments on their poems. He is a real asset to the world of poetry as well as Poem Hunter web Site.I feel very proud that he is a man from my state Odisha and regularly reviews my Odia poems.Starting from my entry in Poem Hunter to this day, Kumarmani Mahakul has been a great inspiration for me and I shall remain always grateful to him for his kind support.
Poet extraordinaire! Posterity must place him amongst the best or greatest poets in this generation. Salute dear poet and friend.
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