Kumarmani Mahakul takes birth at a holy moment as the youngest son of Bamancharan Mahakul his father and mother Pira Devi Mahakul in village Gandam of undivided Sambalpur district Currently belongs to Deogarh district in the Indian state of Odisha. Kumarmani’s father Bamanacharan was associated with Mahima Alekh Dharma and sometimes he was visiting to Joranda. From his childhood he had seen many oblation of Akhanda Jangyan performed at his home premises arranged by his grandfather Sj. Harihar Mahakul and father Sj. Bamancharan Mahakul where many monks of Alekh Dharma, Buddhist Monks, Jaina Monks, Baishnavas, Shaivas and Shaktas were attending the ceremonies. Further saint Baba Shyamsundar Das was also visiting his home frequently. He had got spiritual motivation from his early age. His father was well known in the region. Many Christian Missionaries were also visiting to his home frequently and he had got the influence of Biblical Knowledge.

Kumarmani keeps interest for art and culture from his early teenage and involves in service of rural art, education, culture, drama, and ritualistic village festivals. He is graduated in art and education both and post graduated in Education Master of Education, M.Ed from Sambalpur University. He keeps interest in writing from his early age. He too gives time for research in personal level for the development of children and educational management and his research articles are published in the world reputed international journals. Kumarmani Mahakul has received President’s Silver Medal in 1991 for his excellent performance in census duty of that time. He is widely and globally supported by many reputed international poets, writers and personalities and as per the world poetry database information as indicated in Treasure Island Statistics in PH he is being placed 210 times in the world top ranking, among top 500 popular poets of the world. He has also got a 5th position in Treasure Island Standings World ranking in PH for last five years where Indian Poet Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal from Gujarat holds the top most position for last 10 years. Also he is declared as a Gold-star poet. He spends his happy life with his spouse Bhargabi Dei Mahakul, who also inspires him a lot for writing and he has two sons. Poetess Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon from Mumbai describes him as Most Respected Poet where as famous world traveller cum certified evangelist, Dutch Poetess Sylvia Frances Chan describes him as Master Poet. Poetess Professor Valsa George and poetess Savita Tyagi have congratulated him for being placed among top 500 poets of the world for several times. However Poetess Bharati Nayak adding her note mentions that review comments of Kumarmani are depth of spiritual and devotional essence. SJ Holland has added a note and mentioned Kumarmani Mahakul as an outstanding poet. Famous and great Poet of Hindi States, Rajnish Manga Ji has expressed his wonder after reading and reviewing Hindi poems of his. Kumarmani Mahakul is basically a spiritual poet and believes in universal spirituality, secularism, the world brotherhood, unity, love and peace. Kumarmani Mahakul is a fearless poet and poet of peace. Kumarmani is associated with Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University and serves for spiritual development of people across the country. He gives training in different camps to interested candidates for practicing meditation, about spiritual values and spiritual development. He is also known as BK. Kumarmani or BK Kumarmani Mahakul or Brother Kumarmani or Prince Kumarmani. However many describe him as Emperor Lion of the World Poetic Kingdom.


Kumarmani Mahakul Poems

Life Has A Meaning

We think forever for salvation,
We cannot live in separation.
Father is great solves situation,
Continuous is human migration.... more »

Why Does A Person Fear?

Why does a person fear?
Why does he or she lose cheer?
How does a person achieve?
How does one get mischief?... more »

Sunrise Of This New Year

Old year has passed with last night,
New year has arrived with shiny light.
Brightness is covered all over sky,
Weather has opened her twinkled eye.... more »

Kumarmani Mahakul Quotes

Life is not only a flow but also a reality that shines eternally ever in cyclic manner. Only we need to feel this essence and truth.
Life and journey
Mind is a moving ocean and a flying sky. This wanders with many vibrations coming in contact of material desires. But we need to learn the art of stabilizing this by practice of meditation.
Mind and Waves
Many define love in many ways. But love is a pure eternal quality which has originated from divine nature of soul within and vary much powerful that tends towards purity and God.
Love and life

Comments about Kumarmani Mahakul

Dr Tony Brahmin 01 Nov 01:58
Congratulations my dear poet Kumaramani today you stand as 138th poet.. wonderful........ God bless you always. tony
Bharati Nayak 17 Oct 03:30
Respected Kumarmani Mahakul Sir, My heartiest congratulations to you for your being placed at the rank 120 among the top 500 world poets today, the 17th October2020..It is a rare honour. I am especially proud that you belong to my state, Odisha.You have earned it by your deep love for poetry, your hard work, your benevolence and a positive attitude.Your poems are spiritual and inspiring to others.May God bless your pen with more poems and creativity.
Joseph Anderson 12 Oct 12:33
I congratulate great poet Kumarmani Mahakul, one of our old friend, who is placed in the world rank # 119 on top 500 poets. Today on 12 October 2020, we see his rank in the world's top poets list in page number -3.