Kumarmani Mahakul Comments (76)

Your poems and comments always inspire us taking us on a spiritual path.Devotion towards truth, concern for Nature, gratefulness for the Creator, love and fellow feelings are some of the lovely attributes that define your poetry.I am always grateful to you for your inspiration in my poetic journey.Thank you Poet Kumarmani Mahakul.You are really a poet Gem.
As I have constantly said YOU are honest and true to the laws of God and I have told myriad times YOU DESERVE the title MASTER POET KUMARMANI MAHAKUL SIR. There may be of course some others who deserve this title, but I only know you in the longest period ever since. Respect you deserve and that os the TRUTH
You deserve a BIG Accolade, Sir. IF there are many like you in the Government, Sir, then air pollution and all aqua problems belong to the past, I dare to bet. Since you are honest and sincere, you have the best intentions for all people, especially in India concerning aqua and air problems. Indeed, dirty water can cause cancer.10 and myriads of 10's for your excellent poetry. I have much enjoyed and this I'll read again your brilliant poem Water Grief, Water Joy 2100
Kumarmani is an excellent and intelligent writer. He excels in writing important poems about our relationship with God and our relationship with each other and with the planet we live on and have mistreated and abused. We can only pray that his poetry will influence people in power to do the right thing about the change in our climate due to pollution before it is too late. Thank you, my friend for standing up and letting your voice be heard for good
Kumarmani Mahakul is an outstanding poet who writes about everyday feelings, experiences and unique ideas. His poetry is freely-versed, easy to read, poignantly expressive and touches the readers’ hearts. He is also a man who loves and respects God. His Godly love for humanity flows into his poetry and comments. Continued blessings to him and his family.
The most admirable poet to me, my Master Poet Kumarmani Mahakul Sir is deserving the most. My hats off for thee, Sir. I give thee the most loving hug with precious care. My greatest salutations for thee as I most respect and adore as my Only Master Poet. God's Blessings in Abundance for thee and thy beloved family. Amen. Humbly, SFC
Thank you very much Savita Tyagi Madam, Neela Nath Dash Madam, Aniruddha Pathak Sir, Bharati Nayak Madam and Tirupathi Chandrupatla Sir Ji for your valuable poet's comment in my page and for your best wishes. Thank you very much Tirupathi Chandrupatla Ji once again for the information about ranking.
Dear Mahakulji: I wish to congratulate you on reaching #1 in ranking among PoemHunter poets. Your contribution makes reading poems at PoemHunter a great experience. Thank you.
My hearty and sincere gratitude for your great reviews and ratings on my poems.You have a pure heart that is full of kindness.May God's blessings be with you always.
As they say, beauty is not merely what eyes see. It is deeper than that. And one needs inner eyes. Kumarmani Mahakul is one such poet, the beauty of his poetry is similar. He was the first person to catch my attention when I joined Poem Hunter. Spirituality and prayer in his poems immediately catches one's attention. Humanity and kindness is another, nature yet one more. His feedback always inspires. Love of mankind is distinctly discernible in his poems. I wish him well.