• A Close Encounter

    Rushing in Rushing Out
    Lovers like fools
    Giving happiness a chance
    Some lies look beautiful in pictures and who wouldn’t dance... more »

  • A Liar's Words

    A liar is a Satan’s angel
    No wings, he believes in spreading joy
    Lacks perspective perpetually criticized
    Mostly loved for his portrayal of reality... more »

  • A Long Road

    Music and some playful banter
    On this road leading to an unseen destiny
    In a rock and roll version a road to nowhere
    In my view a certain destination with uncertain twists... more »

  • A Lover’s Jeopardy

    Distant Past-

    I see your shadow in the moonlight
    When everything is bathed in white with streaks of unknown... more »

  • Achievements Of A Sadist

    As he walked down the aisle of life
    Accompanied by a deaf, mute and blind companion by his side
    Its a story of a different love
    A strange relationship of hand and glove... more »

  • Agent Orange

    A girl enraged
    So strange
    Painting the world orange
    With her fits of fury and courage... more »

  • Almost Honest

    I was almost honest to her
    No notions no deceptions of winter
    She like a feather perched on my sunny side
    I looked for reasons not to disguise... more »

  • An Illusion's Life

    An Illusion lives in every mind
    In every corner in every eye
    It shows colours and dilutes gradually
    Fiddles with brains and blurs reality... more »

  • Are You All That I Need?

    On one of your perfect winter mornings
    I dragged my steps away from your door
    Couple of unanswered wishes hanging loosely from my pocket
    I was walking down with an uneasy air... more »

  • Arrogance Of A Mute And Deaf Man

    In a little while your illusion will burst
    In a little while the mystery will reveal itself
    In a little while day will turn itself inside out
    In a little while I’l be a closed book... more »

  • Black Light

    I didn’t turn it on neither I turned it off
    It only grew stronger almost blinding my days off
    I can see everything clear.
    Everything I said engraved in dark... more »

  • Blink Of An Eye…

    You called me a dreamer
    You also said I am unreal
    You think I am fool
    But I hope I could change that with the blink of an eye.... more »

  • Blue Ruin

    Follow my ruin
    Don’t be dazed
    You said that and I was not scared
    Together we walked and painted the sky... more »

  • Burnt Bridges

    A bridge connects two ends
    Two ends of the world
    World that is a shelter to confusion
    Confusion is all that prevails... more »

  • Color Me...

    Color me color me bad..
    Color me like there is no other..
    Color me like you never wanted another..
    Color me in your favorite hues and shades..... more »

  • Colors Of My Life

    Colors of my life are grey, blue, black and white
    Pouring from above and cropping from down below
    Splashing from every direction that I know
    Outlining every reason that exists... more »

  • Compasses

    A thought, a guide or just a hand
    Quiet stars that fill the sky
    All are my compasses of hope
    Joining the dots... more »

  • Disagreement Inside

    There have been times
    Oozing out of the brain
    Heavenly drops of spirits drooping healthy me
    Pointing in unexplored directions tonight... more »

  • Disappeared

    Disappeared or distantly you appeared
    Mixed with confusion
    Philosophy of a perfect union
    Touch of an unknown friend... more »

  • Drifting Minds...

    Nothing new speed meeting desire
    Who are they chasing and are they really winning?
    Standing at crossroads the lights never agree
    Choices, oh choices! ! that you made never disagreed... more »

  • Eyes Are Like...

    Eyes are like 2 bottles of wine
    From a distance you cannot tell if they are empty or full
    Mystifying every second
    Justifying every myth.... more »

  • Follow My Ruin

    Follow my ruin
    Follow my trail
    I will take you to places where I have always been
    In the dark alleys where passion rained... more »

  • For All Past Loves…

    This one is for all past loves
    For the fates that were never meant to be fulfilled
    For the broken pieces of clouds that could never perform rain
    A sought union of petals that never made a flower that lasted more than a spring... more »

  • Girl On A Cigarette Mission

    She is lighting all of them for a reason
    Finishing them off for a greater explanation
    The lone crusader with the orange stick in darkness
    Let smoke be her trail on infamous crusades... more »

  • Gypsy Heart

    I was hiding something
    some underneath my pillow
    some in my closet that I'll never open
    and some at places that I never know... more »