• Dreams And Reality

    Dreams darkness different things that mean the same
    reality shedding light that no one wants to see
    delusional derision dampens our dreams
    Reality dowses it with something unseen... more »

  • My Control

    Death its all around me
    I can touch it I can feel I can smell it
    Its horrible wretched it burns my nostrils as my nose fills with the stench
    Death he watches me impatient as He waits for my final breath... more »

  • The Gone Poet

    It all used to come so simply
    So easily I used to write so fast so fierce
    Everything was so…... effortless
    Everything knitting together like a well sewn blanket... more »

  • The Rage I've Given

    It Bit me it started to course through me
    This rage it boiled It bubbled on my inside
    The look he gave me the spit he threw The Venom in his voice it was too much
    I refuse to break down to become what he wanted... more »