• Behind Your Eyes

    I see you standing there,
    Looking so calm,
    But I can see right through you.
    Behind your eyes, I can see your pain.... more »

  • Broken

    I hear my heart beat loud and clear
    It's so uneven without you here
    I tried and I tried to make things right
    I regret everything I said that night... more »

  • Forever

    I know
    I know whats running through
    Your head
    I can see your fear... more »

  • Mother

    I see you looking away,
    You think I'm blind.
    But I see your pain.
    And I want you to know,... more »

  • Second Chance

    My life is falling down,
    It's going right into the ground.
    I don't have anybody.
    I don't have a soul.... more »

  • Suicidal Thoughts

    I lay here alone
    Crying myself asleep
    I want to die
    This love I have ... more »

  • The Lonely King

    Sitting in my lonesome tower
    Without you by my side
    Looking out this window
    Upon our kingdom makes me cry... more »