• Forget You Not

    I stayed in the dark Waiting
    Waiting for you to come back
    Thinking and wondering what I lacked
    I tried giving you my all... more »

  • Just My Luck

    'Dear someone, you know you are now and after
    For so long I lone and suffer
    Hunting and seeking for more than tender
    The closer I get, the more it hinder... more »

  • Lone Alones

    Lone sounds the name and very interesting like the game
    Lone gives you fame with no one to blame
    It's like that but what can you say
    That lone brings you shame of which you can't tame... more »

  • Me To Find

    Dear someone
    Where are you for me to find
    To see your face and in your eyes
    I wrote a poem for you to feed... more »

  • Memory Cry

    Memories of the past,
    Through which my thoughts never last
    Like dust cast in my eyes,
    denied me right to identification... more »

  • Remember

    Interesting story it was
    When she told it with a smile
    “My life was ok until all went wrong
    Thought I had it all with just being born... more »

  • Skin Deep

    You deserve the best
    I deserve the rest
    Those you said to me always
    I was so blind, I couldn’t complain... more »

  • The 80s Reminisce

    Dear Reggie
    I am trying to remember
    Too bad I can't
    Too good I don't... more »

  • The Moonmail

    Talking to the moon,
    I realized it wasn't too long before it was noon
    With a lot on my mind,
    I prayed the moon makes an exception... more »

  • Why? ? ? ? ? ?

    Why do we listen to the voices that are coming from behind the wall than what we hear from inside the wall?
    Why do we focus on what they want us to do than what we want to do?
    Why do we break our own rules and never forfeit a single rule they give us?
    Why, why do we follow them when what we really want to do is stay?... more »