• Angel's Act

    All that is pure will surely die,
    So the angels must where their disguise.
    They fight, they struggle,
    With the devil's ambitions.... more »

  • Beauty- The Lilting World

    Sunsets, children, sympathy, and love.
    So many things do people have to cherish.
    Looking alive, watching the people play in the dancing nature.
    It's really a shame that all things must perish.... more »

  • Boys Don'T Know Love

    We don't know, what to think,
    We see all our dreams in you.
    To this, illusion we always fall,
    Just so our hearts, can begin anew.... more »

  • Checkered World

    It seems to me that the world is in a pattern,
    The world is just a sequence of two colors.
    The closest people in our lives are never just like us,
    If they are father, mothers, sisters, and even our brothers.... more »

  • Darkness In Light

    If hope was nothing than I'd be empty.
    By trusting I make myself vulnerable,
    But I've never been afraid.
    Faith is a light that makes darkness,... more »

  • Devil's Deeds

    Sometimes I wonder,
    How a devil must feel.
    Up on his throne,
    With all right to be dark.... more »

  • Distorted Dreams Of Wings

    Feeling kind of weird today,
    Feeling different everyday.
    When I opened the door to my heart,
    To say hi,... more »

  • Faithful

    Only a fool believes in the unlikely.
    We are never forced to have hope,
    To gouge on the ideas of dreams.
    It is an idea not worth understanding,... more »

  • Forgotten Place

    Happy, horrible, angry, or upset.
    We don't feel anything when we forget.
    Just the same we always are,
    Like time is still forever.... more »

  • I Don'T Know This World

    This world so mysterious is falling into abyss.
    It's worth near to nothing but it won't disappear.
    I love the world but I also hate it,
    I'm afraid our fate will become my fear.... more »

  • I Hate You My Friend

    I'm not sure if I could go on if you were gone,
    But I can find times when I wish you were dead.
    Does that make me wrong?
    I've always thought you were great for the things that you can do,... more »

  • I'M Not Helpless

    Looking at the world,
    I feel so small.
    Everything I do,
    It seems to not matter at all.... more »

  • Invisible Wings

    It's that wonderful force that carries.
    It's strong and elegant but impossible to see.
    Even when I'm scared or falling,
    I feel safe knowing they're behind me.... more »

  • Life Is The Song

    It starts with excitement.
    You think there's nothing better.
    You feel so great,
    You think it will last forever.... more »

  • Love, Why Not?

    How can words be used to explain,
    That a heart needs no reason to seek.
    Even though love is just a luxury,
    It seems to be so unique.... more »

  • Loved And Gone

    I wouldn't like to believe that when someone is gone,
    They're still watching me.
    Because that would be awfully boring,
    I'd rather like to think they're somewhere else but still happy.... more »

  • Makes The Difference

    They say it all the time,
    I heard them.
    Everyone is different,
    Or so they say.... more »

  • Not Like A Child's Spring

    Wish I could spend my days ignorant to the world.
    Because my complex thoughts always keep me down.
    I use to think it was nice when boys complimented girls,
    But now that I know, I can't help but frown.... more »

  • Old Wisdom And Young Valor

    Always thinking and never taking chance,
    Never risking the outcome of lies,
    These are what define he who is wise.
    Those who bet their lives,... more »

  • Out The Window

    Looking out with nothing there,
    There's never been a simpler pleasure.
    All the winds and clouds blow by,
    Everything else just doesn't matter.... more »

  • Purpose Of Ardor

    Step over step is taken everyday.
    Action after action is done the same way.
    People Sitting down and listening with poise
    No one's crying, no one screaming,... more »

  • Rancor

    Hate for no reason I see,
    Hate for everyone,
    Including me.
    Why can we forgive the past,... more »

  • Stupid Voices Inside Me

    Is it normal to have a conscious so vivid.
    It's like having people inside me who can easily change who I am.
    They don't speak of right or wrong, just their own opinions.
    I think I have control but how do I really know who I am.... more »

  • The Girl With Red Eyes

    Time never moved before I met you.
    I still can't believe how we met.
    You were angry and thought I was someone else.
    You called me names and punched me in the face.... more »

  • Translation- Blank Understanding

    I don't understand,
    Are you okay.
    Is there a purpose to your message.
    Is there something I can do.... more »