• A Blind Man In Love

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  • Broken

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  • Fade Away

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  • Hell

    Take me away from this world I don’t want to see another day.
    Bring me to the dark hall's of hell.
    Just take me away and let me heal.
    I don’t want to see the light until I heal.... more »

  • I Never Believe You

    You say you love me but I was too much of a fool to see it was true.
    You all ways talk about me.
    My friends say it was true that you say you love me.
    I never believe you every single word that you said to me.... more »

  • Lost

    I’m lost and all I can do is think of you.
    Even though I try and not to I just do.
    I just can’t wait until I stop thinking of you.
    I’m lost so all I can do is think of you.... more »

  • The Word Alone

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