• Apocalypse

    “BACK OFF! ” I said gasping,
    And spat mucous at the world,
    Which was spinning fast.
    Now tucked under a tree-... more »

  • Asthmatic

    An epiphany in the deepest dream-
    And I wake up blind
    Wheezing... more »

  • Brother

    that morning when it all made sense
    you talked jibber jabber.

    the sparrows hung themselves... more »

  • Cranium

    I hear the cries at night,
    They keep me awake like a rabid monkey.
    I hear the cries at night,
    Coming from every direction and being.... more »

  • December Night

    Each snowflake a memory
    Once lost.
    Seven candles so dimly
    Light the room... more »

  • Just Let Me Quench Your Thirst, My Darling

    but i’ll starve you in the process.
    the oranges are mine.
    you can pee on that globe over there

  • Lost

    I have seen the sun... more »

  • My Hammock

    In the realm of my hammock
    the summer’s night sky swallows all life... more »

  • Night Cycle

    The window was wide open.
    The gateway to space,
    I think
    you called it.... more »

  • Ode To The Greats

    Yellow apple,
    we met for supper in your
    flat bottomed boat.
    we are not here; you are beginning... more »

  • Polyester Tribulations

    We dont know the difference between
    What is real?
    Nothing seperates the... more »

  • Reality

    reality creeps in like death.
    gaps of truth are found constantly,
    like sun rays blasting through windows
    in the early morning, waking humans... more »

  • Suggestions For A Title Anyone?

    their names were pasted on musical notes
    as we took the journey through the cackling forest,
    the plants sprouting
    and chinging change... more »

  • The Cotton Balls

    i see glorious mountains,
    something like heaven
    with the clouds like
    cotton balls... more »

  • The Customer

    A customer just told me that sunshine
    Was falling off of her roof.
    I looked at the old lady and smiled.
    I was confused yet in awe of her power.... more »

  • The Melting Sun

    Days go by

    God’s huge tears forming morning meadow mist
    Over vast, landscape flesh.... more »

  • The Process

    Conflicts burden
    My path and I am-
    I make decisions that... more »

  • The World

    For me, closure can be found
    in empty bottles and a glass piece
    for me, I don’t believe,
    that what is real is what I perceive.... more »