• Falling

    Spinning, swirling, out of control,
    My life is falling down an endless hole,
    Brief glances of a field of red,... more »

  • Flower

    Flower surrounded by lava,
    All I see of late,
    Passing through my eyes,
    That gate,... more »

  • Forgotten

    I will not forget this,
    I'll reforge the past,
    These are my thoughts as my heart beats its last,
    This is my eulogy,... more »

  • Silent

    I hear the rain fall,
    Pitter patter, on the wall,
    As I await the call,
    From the pitter patter,... more »

  • Spades

    The sun, The sun,
    A loaded gun,
    Where two men stand and pray,... more »