• Blind

    The blood,
    draining from my cuts,
    emptying my body,
    freeing my mind,... more »

  • Calming

    This blade,
    this blood,
    oh so red,
    the cutting,... more »

  • Chained

    Chained to the wall,
    hang your head,
    here comes your torturer,
    you wish you were dead,... more »

  • Change

    Green fields, flowing grass,
    tall trees, shiny leaves, juicy fruit,
    insects, animals, blue skies,
    lightning, wildfire, approaching death,... more »

  • Crazy

    Im going crazy,
    all these thoughts,
    delay me,
    from doing the actions,... more »

  • Crime

    For ruining all these lives,
    with my crimes,
    leaving them crying,... more »

  • Currents

    ... more »

  • Day By Day

    tearing away,
    getting rid of myself,... more »

  • Dead

    dead inside,
    drying up,
    these tears that have never been cried,
    for the lies that have been heard,... more »

  • Death

    ... more »

  • Decay

    ... more »

  • Drowning

    Drowning in this sea of self-loathing,
    island of stability slowly drifting away,
    losing everything i hold on to,
    always being told everything will be ok,... more »

  • Drowning In My Tears

    Drowning in tears,
    that won't come out,
    trying to scream,
    trying to shout,... more »

  • Ease The Pain

    Cut to ease the pain,
    the blood dribbles,
    enlarging the puddle on the floor,... more »

  • Fallen Leaf

    ... more »

  • Flying

    The wings start to burn,
    Trying to maneuver,
    trying to turn,... more »

  • For How Many Years?

    ... more »

  • Happiness

    Happiness has been found,
    something to stabalize,
    something to ground,
    It all falls out beneath,... more »

  • Hate Me

    Hate me,
    Hate me from the start,
    hate my jokes,
    my looks,... more »

  • Hurt

    ... more »

  • Lies

    ... more »

  • Loose

    Hold on tight,
    to the things you hold dear,
    for when I take them,
    you will be gripped with fear,... more »

  • Losing All I Care About

    ... more »

  • Madness

    Veils of madness clothe my eyes,
    With insanity have i lain,
    these suspicious thoughts,
    cloud my brain,... more »

  • Manic Depression

    manic depression encompassing my being,
    never living a normal life,
    my sight shaded black,
    never seeing,... more »