• Love Sick

    Love songs kill me when ever they come on
    Because I'm reminded how much i miss you with one song
    Every day i think about us and how strong we are
    Endless nights with you in the house or in the car... more »

  • Things About You

    The look i get from those brown eyes
    I know i am the luckiest among guys
    In such a short amount of time love seems like to simple of a word
    Every day with you is another step towards... more »

  • This Girl

    This girl does things that i can not comprehend
    This girl is my love and also my best friend
    Every time i look in to her eyes i see an angel that did ascend
    From heaven she has become the opening to my dead end... more »

  • Who Is To Guess

    Who is to guess what i have is not worth sharing
    Who is to guess that i am not caring
    Who is to guess that i am who you think i am
    What you see is not always an art... more »