I enjoy the freedom of writing - it's like literary acting. As with acting, writing allows me the opportunity to express perspectives other than just my own. I'm not a people-person, per se. But, I enjoy observing people. We're fascinating creatures - which is why so much of my work, even if it is about my own experience, is written from the view of a character. I write as a hobby. Not a career. When I'm not writing, I work at the PA Renaissance Faire, and I am far too interested in music. Unheathfully so.


L.E. Arndt Poems

The Heart And The Heart Aren'T Separate (Honest Beauty Never Lies)

The heart and the hearth aren’t separate.
She’s an old woman and her old chair.
Both a fragile finger and a gleaming ring
Weave a cruel comb through her silver hair.... more »

I Had Me Once A Good Woman

I had me once a good woman;
A fairy without flight.
Her eyes could break the sun
and her hair could hold the light.... more »

She'Ll Give You Time, But Not Forever.

She’ll give you time, but not forever.
She can wait, she’s patient.
She is quiet and complacent,
But still, you must not forget her.... more »

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