I love to write. It is what I want to do my entire life and nothing else will come close to satisfying me.
My plan is to retire at the ripe old age of 25 and live on a boat in the Caribean with my two lovers. The boat will be so big that neither of them will know about the other.
Wow that sounds pretentious.


L.J. Miller Poems

My Little Girl

She spits cherry seeds at me
And tells me tales
She holds a Barbie
With plastic pig-tails... more »

Did You Think You Could Forget...?

Did you think that you could forget my smile?
And just run away for a while
Did you think you could forget my eyes?
That memory never dies... more »

I Was First (A Lament)

Alice followed me down the rabbit hole
She tumbled after me
Alice followed me down the rabbit hole
And she got the story... more »

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