• L Is My Name

    No one will know for I am alone
    It is too late for my soul to atone.
    This is who I am and this is how I feel
    With the space in my heart that nothing can fill... more »

  • Poisoned Potion

    As I fix my collar and the straining tie.
    It feels as if I would choke and die
    The black suit that’s on my shoulder
    Is feather light yet heavy as boulder... more »

  • To The Other Me

    In the dark room I hear his voice
    The one voice that has been calling me.
    In gentle whisper and a desperate cry
    Though this is no place for me to be... more »

  • When You Look In The Mirror

    What do you see when you look in the mirror?
    For I see my black eyes filled with horror.
    My Angelic wings have crippled and withered.
    My halo is lost yet the smile is remembered.... more »

  • Where Angel's Wings Are Laid

    You know me as a friend, with desperate cry.
    I am bleeding in my mind, but no one will know why.
    Tears roll down my cheek, when no one is around.
    So hear the words I speak, with meanings to be found.... more »