• Fat

    As you get older
    You start to expand
    You try not to notice
    Your extending waistband... more »

  • Flying - Haiku

    ... more »

  • He’s Not Really There

    He sits drinking coffee
    In his usual chair
    Just within arms reach
    But he’s not really there... more »

  • Hurricane

    My life is like a hurricane
    Whirling through the sky
    The only peaceful time I've had
    Was passing through the eye... more »

  • My Daughter’s New Daughter

    My daughter’s new daughter
    How precious and sweet
    Beautifully perfect
    From her head to her feet... more »

  • My Sweet Fantasy

    As I lie here awake
    Alone in my bed
    Thoughts of last night
    Start to run through my head... more »

  • Ode To The Alcoholic

    Sipping his drink
    As he sits on the bed
    Rubbing his eyes
    And scratching his head... more »

  • Void

    There’s a void deep inside me
    Life’s drifting away
    The emptiness hurts more
    With each passing day... more »