• Hollywood

    Into the brisk of autumn night
    While luggage spewed and hands clasped tight
    Your eyes shown of fluorescent light
    We ran to Hollywood... more »

  • I Am Awake

    Segments of a million smiles
    Set sail towards the northern star
    Ascending through barren limbs
    And onward to the heavens... more »

  • Revival

    Such a horrid thought appeared this eve
    Whilst the lonesome raven perched in the tree
    And his ghastly eyes burned hot upon me
    I shiver and think “it cannot be”... more »

  • The Little Girl At The Art Museum

    Clinging to her mothers hand
    As quiet as she can be
    A multicolored wonderland
    “Mother, may we please? ”... more »

  • This Beautiful Slumber

    Descending down the hill I see
    The cities lights strategically
    Placed about the road below
    The warm embrace I’ve come to know... more »

  • Thoughts After Running Out Of Gas

    There’s a certain eeriness before light
    Birthed from the serenity of lonely hearts

    She’s in her kitchen right now... more »