• A Ballet Of A Thought

    A faceless man is what greets me
    A blind eye, outward turn to the blazing sky
    Lost seeds, that had taken a long joinery
    Riding the western winds... more »

  • A Paper Friend

    Dear paper friend
    How was your day
    No wind has come
    n’ blown you away... more »

  • Be That As It May

    Be that as it may
    I am this person
    Medium height
    Vertically challenge if you ask... more »

  • Common Things

    Common things
    Things that of another
    Simple things
    A single light... more »

  • Dreams

    She walks the streets from dust till dawn
    Singing that song
    One eye forever glazing to the darken sky
    The other upon the things to come... more »

  • Dreams Of Another La

    the things i have done hunt me still
    these dreams are that of another
    there nightmares sink throw thick walls
    walls that i have shield my very own blood... more »

  • Glide

    As I step to the side
    Those divine tears greet me
    As I stand to speck
    That pulsing, demanding need... more »

  • Gordies A Woman All Her Own

    A woman of time
    A woman of strength
    Have no fear for as those of above watch
    In name of that of our mother... more »

  • Just Beautiful

    Come see, the old man leap
    Do you see
    Do you see, how his bod shakes
    Come see the old man leap... more »

  • Life Line

    Do you know what the worst about,
    having your insides turn inside out
    Or maybe it’s the best, I just guess
    it depends on how your willing to... more »

  • No Never Again

    We say no
    Never again
    Yet like addicts…
    Our voices hold no strength... more »

  • Simply This

    “As I lay down to sleep
    I ask the lord for my soul to keep…”
    I had once said these words
    These very words... more »

  • Speck Now

    I am who I am
    I am what I am
    I speck of a nomad
    I seek that of above breath... more »

  • Tattered Eyes, Seeking Forevermore

    I know nothing of that Light for I
    Have seen nothing of her beauty
    As time goes, this I know
    That as these youthful eyes... more »

  • Tell Me, Father Time

    Can any one see the darkness
    Surrounding Me
    Nights getting colder
    Days getting longer... more »

  • The Blind Shall See

    And the sea ran red
    Its sandy grounds remade in an image
    That shall burn its way into a blind man mind
    His toughen gone and its remains rotten throw... more »

  • The Day I Escape Glenmont

    O how I long for a simple day
    To walk throw a door
    Lay my tired body upon the bed
    To wake with life... more »

  • These Hands

    My poor hands
    Long rouged and wide
    My poor hands
    Hard worked these hands be... more »

  • To The Night Without Stars

    I have known rivers
    Ancient, dusty rivers
    To a night without stars
    From the tears of the moon... more »

  • Touch

    'For your Touch stains me...'
    'tell me that of pain
    for I have lain here blind
    these many years and... more »

  • Uphold

    These things say she
    Who holds the gift of life
    Who walks along a hard road
    As time hold no means for at dusk... more »

  • We Ask This

    we ask that you bless those of us
    who are lost in need of hope

    we ask for our souls are long... more »

  • What I Do Not Hate, But What I Wish That Peace

    I know your love
    Yet I do not

    I see your eyes... more »