• Crimson Death

    Shock. Horror.

    A fresh wave of grief.
    One shot. Two shots.... more »

  • Dali's Rose

    The rose hangs in the air,
    in the balance of probability... more »

  • Despite The Splinters In My Heart, I Still Love

    I love like the moon can wash me
    anew, like the tide can take me away.
    I love like the sun will kiss my skin
    golden and confuse my eyes... more »

  • Draw, Speak And Describe Love

    If asked to draw love
    I would start at the basics.
    A red crayon and a big,
    full heart.... more »

  • Fans Of Dali

    Dali doesn't need us. Doesn't need
    our awe or our excitement at being
    amongst his pieces in London or
    St Petersburg. His clocks will melt... more »

  • Kiss My Knuckles While I Hold Your Soul

    I write beauty like light in glass,
    fleeting and unique. I want to catch
    your tears and put a stop to the sadness
    that threatens to envelope us... more »

  • Much Ado (About Nothing)

    I thought that you were my Benedick
    and I, your Beatrice, that we argued
    against love into love, but oh! I was wrong.... more »

  • My Heart Complains

    My heart is heavy but empty. I'm tired
    of lugging it around, of leaving it hanging
    like a pendulum with the string tied
    somewhere near my throat.... more »

  • Texts Of Emotion And Unique Fingerprints

    My senses are imbedded deep within my mind’s monastery
    with monks scribbling in focus to copy texts of my emotions
    to record feelings and lies into my subconscious and desert
    me in my reality, to make me able to wake from dreams... more »

  • The Painters And I


    Michelangelo would be afraid to paint
    my portrait, if he were asked... more »

  • The Silence Behind Your Words

    You talk, and I listen.
    I listen to the silence
    behind your words,
    the way the sun licks your grave... more »

  • Undying

    'the great advantage to being alive
    (instead of undying) is not so much
    that mind no more can disprove than prove
    what heart may feel and soul may touch... more »

  • Valentine’s

    This is a day to exchange hearts
    dripping with fountains of your love
    embroidered with roses and smiles,
    filled to the brim with adoration... more »

  • Write Me A Metaphor

    These words are just pressed thoughts
    upon a page, fragile like crumbling leaves,
    golden on the ground and vulnerable;
    stepped on so easily and disregarded,... more »