• An Insomniac Activist Is Born

    From the loud silences,
    My heart could hear cries,
    My soul felt the disturbances,
    My sleep was uneven,... more »

  • Love Again

    Sang I, in the midst of the night,
    Aloud, So could you hear,
    Caught up with some strange fright,
    As If the time to part was near... more »

  • Loveless

    Sing to me your silence,
    Numb me with the absence in your presence,
    And push me to that sleep,
    Where I’m denied the right to dream... more »

  • The Trick Of A Dream

    I knew, the dream that I’m to dream does know, how much I am an addict to the elixir.
    I know how painful would even my dream feel, when I fall off the cliff.
    I know how distasteful would the dream be from a misfortune’s sniff..... more »

  • You

    You brought a smile on my face.
    Your silence crawled down my throat,
    Making every cells ache.
    Always my wishes were that you be happy,... more »